commRegistration, reorganization and dissolution of companies and sole traders, preparation of documents and representation before the Commercial Register to the Registry Agency for initial registration of companies, registration of foreign entities as partners in Bulgarian companies, registration of branches, registration of changes already registered companies and others.

Assistance and representation in connection with the organization of the general meetings of companies, constituent assemblies, as well as preparation of all necessary documents in this regard.

Preparation of statutes, founding company agreements, protocols, invitations, resolutions and other acts of companies.

Transformation of companies – merger, consolidation, separation, division.

Legal services and advice in connection with the liquidation and bankruptcy of companies.

Preparation, preparation and conclusion of all types of contracts under the Commercial Law as a sale of goods or services, distribution and commission contracts, lease, loan, transportation, leasing and legal advice on commercial transactions.

Removing the permits, licenses and other necessary for carrying on business.